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Sarah Nuclear Medicine Center

Sara Nuclear Medicine Center is a medical center that utilizes modern knowledge and state-of-the-art technology.

kidney scan

What is a kidney scan and in what cases is it used? Kidney scans include using radioactive substances to check the kidneys and their function

heart scan

Today, heart disease is one of the most common causes of death in the world. Such diseases occur due to the blockage …

brain scan

Your brain is involved in everything you do. How you think, how you behave and how you communicate with others.

bone scan

What is a nuclear bone scan? This scan is a type of accurate imaging of the joints that helps to diagnose diseases such as rheumatism and other diseases.

Liver and spleen scan

Non-invasive methods including acoustic radiation force impulse (ARFI), real-time elastography (RT-E), magnetic resonance elastography (MRE), and…

thyroid scan

A thyroid scan is a specialized imaging procedure to examine your thyroid, the gland that controls your metabolism. It is located at the front of your neck.

Nuclear Medicine Center Sara

Sara Nuclear Medicine Center is a medical center that utilizes modern knowledge and state-of-the-art technology. It has one of the best gamma cameras in the country, a team of experienced and professional nuclear medicine and cardiovascular specialists, skilled and educated imaging technicians in the fields of radiology and nuclear medicine, and competent nursing staff. The center strives to provide high-quality services to patients in the shortest possible time.
The center’s main goal is to ensure the well-being of patients and provide timely scan results. It aims to maximize patient satisfaction and attract visitors. Located on the main Motehari Street, Sara Nuclear Medicine Center has a spacious and calm environment. It has separate waiting areas for companions and patients after injection, along with a large courtyard to enhance the comfort of patients during the waiting period before imaging. The center is staffed with courteous and professional personnel who are ready to serve patients with respect and kindness.

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A nuclear scan may be used to diagnose and monitor various diseases, including cancer, neurological diseases, cardiovascular diseases, and more. Also, this method is used to evaluate organ function and reconstruction after surgery.

In some cases, a nuclear scan may require special preparation such as a diet or stopping certain medications. But in most cases, there is no need for special preparation before the scan and the person can go about their activities normally.

A nuclear scan is usually painless. However, some people may feel discomfort or irritation due to the use of the device or the movements required to perform the scan.

Yes, nuclear scanning is used as one of the diagnostic tools to detect cancer. This method can help to diagnose cancer, determine the stage of the disease, determine the response to treatment, and follow up with patients after treatment.

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